Top 5 Snowboarders

Top Five Snowboarders

Snowboarders in the midwest are anxious to get back on the slopes. 

With Winter being right around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to share a “Top Five Snowboarders” list.

What better way to get pumped up for the season is there than to hear about some of the best athletes in the industry?

When viewing this list, it is important to keep in mind that snowboarding has many different styles. This list is going to take the best of each category.

Number One – Scott Stevens

scott-stevens      scott-stevens-tramp-skating

It’s safe to say that Scott Stevens is the man. After watching some of his edits, it’s no wonder he made his way to number one on the list. He is so talented that he was named Snowboarder Magazine‘s 2016 snowboarder of the year.

Between the unique features that he hits and the one-footers that he made famous, his creative moves have placed this 32 year old at the top.

He has landed major sponsors such as CapitaThirty Two and Union Bindings

In an interview with Transworld Snowboarding, Stevens talked about a leg injury from last season. He said, “It was weird I started filming in February because of a knee injury so honestly I never got that feeling this year. It was a lot of playing catch up and playing zone defense.”

As long as Stevens keeps up his unique riding style and drops some awesome edits, he should stay at the top of the list. 

Number Two – Mark McMorris

456896823     Slope Style final





When it comes to competitive snowboarding, Mark McMorris has been dominant for the majority of his professional career. 

According to his website, at the youthful age of 18, McMorris he became part of an elite class that won double gold medals at Winter X-Games 2012.

McMorris was the first person to land a triple cork 1440, which consists of three flips and four complete spins. This trick was once thought to be impossible to land, but Mark has been pushing the sport’s limits since his start in snowboarding.

By the age of 22, McMorris has earned medals in many competitions, including the Dew Tour, the U.S. Open, Air & Style and more.

Number Three – Shaun White

images.jpg      promo214676429.jpg

After a couple of incredible displays of athleticism in the 2006 and 2010 Olympic games, Shaun White was the top dog in snowboarding for quite some time – and rightly so.

In his prime, White dominated the halfpipe. Nobody had as much style, as many technical tricks, or even got as much air as him coming out of the pipe.

With an incredible 24 medals in the X-games and two olympic golds, he is one of the most decorated snowboarders to strap into a board.

Shaun is also the first person to ever earn the perfect score of 100 in the X-games Super Pipe event.

On his site, Shaun said, “I approach life and my business ventures the same way as I approach snowboarding, skateboarding and music, with relentless vigor and a strong work ethic.” 

Number Four – Travis Rice

quote-we-ll-never-know-our-full-potential-unless-we-push-ourselves-to-find-it-travis-rice-64-23-71     6327626227_d4ccf809f2_b.jpg

From competing in Big Air competitions to focusing on backcountry riding, Travis Rice has accomplished much throughout his incredibly dynamic career.

Recently, Rice has been focusing on movie production. He has starred in a series of documentary films that break down backcountry snowboarding and give the viewers a glimpse of what it might be like. They are as follows – That’s It That’s All, The Art of Flight and The Fourth Phase.

After watching these films, one can get a good idea of how intellectual and focused Travis Rice is. When he sets his mid on a goal, there is no telling what he will do to achieve it.

Rice’s sponsor list is nothing short of incredible, and they are a big reason of why he is such a big name in snowboarding. With 15 partners listed on his website, Rice has some great opportunities that he is able to follow through with.

Number Five – Sage Kotsenburg

021114-OLYMPICS-snowboarding-sage-kotsenburg-LN-CQ.jpg                      Snowboarding+Grand+Prix+Mammoth+oEOk4cGKdGJl.jpg

Aside from his 2010 Sochi Games olympic gold medal, Sage Kotsenburg‘s medal count is quite weak. However, he was still able to land a spot on the list.

Despite receiving only two X-games medals, neither of which are gold, it’s his sick edits that make Sage one of the best snowboarders of his time.

In an interview on Elite Daily, Sage said, “I got into snowboarding just through my brother. I skied for a year when I was 4 to 5, and then my brother hated skiing, I don’t know why, just hated skiing, claimed he almost broke his legs because his legs got twisted and that was the reason he had to snowboard, so he started snowboarding and I obviously had to go snowboarding too since my brother was doing it.”

What sets Sage aside from everybody else is the fact that he has the ability to completely dominate whatever style of snowboarding that he sets his mind to. Sage has gone from olympic game appearances to making videos to post on YouTube just for fun.


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